What’s Great About PVC Banners?

If you want to stand out from the crowd, promote your business or a service you offer, advertise an event, promotion or sale and do so in a cost effective way, then PVC banners are the perfect publicity solution.

What is a PVC banner?

First impressions count and if you’re looking to get a big message to lots of people, PVC banners, also known as vinyl banners, are an effective way to communicate with existing and potential customers.

They are an attention-grabbing and widely used marketing method used everywhere from schools and businesses, by charities or at festivals, exhibitions and events. In fact, for whatever you need to promote, and the best thing is that because they’re affordable, it won’t break the bank to get a banner for a one-off event.

What type of banners are available?

PVC banners can be designed and printed in a wide range of sizes, customised to your needs. You can add any design, message and branding to a PVC banner. They are also easy to store when a promotion has finished and ready to bring out again if needed. Being easily portable, makes PVC banners the ideal marketing tool to take to events or use as a backdrop to a stand in an exhibition. 

How long do PVC banners last?

Tear-resistant, high quality and durable, printed PVC banners are the ideal indoor and outdoor means for any promotion. Ensuring your message stays in great condition, generally depends on location, PVC banners can have a long lifespan, anywhere from 2 years on up to 7 years and maybe even more.

Is a PVC banner waterproof?

A printed PVC banner is great for outdoor use as well as internal use. Using high quality UV stable inks ensure the printing is vibrant, fade resistant and weatherproof. So, it’s good in the summer sun and throughout the harsher weather conditions of winter.

How do I fit PVC banners?

You should have no trouble fixing PVC banners wherever you need them, as our PVC banners come fully hemmed and eyeletted ready for hanging. They’re simple to install using the reinforced eyelets which lend themselves to a versatile range of fixings including rope, bungee cord, tension hooks and cable ties.

Being heavyweight, waterproof PVC with reinforced hems and eyelets they can easily be fitted to scaffolding, business premises, wire and roadside fences when used as outdoor banners to grab the attention of passers-by.

The possibilities with PVC banners are endless when they are well placed and highly visible both inside and outdoors.

Want to go eco-friendly?

There are alternatives to the traditional PVC banner. PVC free banners are now available from Kavalan that have all the benefits of PVC but are also environmentally responsible.

Top 10 benefits of PVC banners

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