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A business card is the first impression of your brand. Make sure your brand will be remembered with our quality business card printing and design service.

Here are five reasons why  business cards are still important -- and why you should have a pocket full of them at all times.

1. Swapping contact information digitally is impersonal

Sending contact information via text or email on the spot is convenient but very impersonal. Engaging in eye contact and actual conversation is how genuine connections begin and can create a significant memory of the encounter.

2. They are the most effective direct marketing tools

One of the most effective ways of attracting new leads and prospects is still the in-person meeting sealed with a handshake along with a business card exchange.

You can encounter a potential lead or contact at any time - tradeshows, industry conferences, happy hour, airport lounges -- and arming yourself with business cards at all times will ensure that you never miss an opportunity to make a valuable business connection and shows that you are prepared.

3. A business card is the first impression of your brand

A memorable business card does a lot more than just pass on an email address or phone number it can create a great first impression and they also act as a great icebreaker.

4. Creative business cards get shared - continuing to market for you

A business card is a physical object that a potential prospect leaves the encounter with. Your brand stays with them.

If you hand over a creative business card that makes a great impression that person is likely to show it to other people, putting you and your brand in front of additional prospects.

5. Business cards show you are prepared

Showing that you are prepared at all times is a great indicator that you are professional.

Quality business cards are a cost effective marketing tool. Here at Ashley Ads we can design and produce quality business cards that help you deliver your message and leave a lasting good impression.

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