What Does a Sign Maker Do?

Advertising signs made by sign makers have been used by trades and companies since forever to publicise their services, products, and place of business.

Back in the day and long before fonts were even a thing, signwriters would design and hand paint signs to highlight and advertise a business or trade.

A great example is pub signs, the days of hand painted colourful and entertaining metal or wood pub signs have been replaced with digitally designed signs, vinyl banners and brightly lit neon signs. One thing that hasn’t changed is why you need a sign, whether you have a wine bar, a country pub, beach bar or a fine dining restaurant, your branding and signs are just as important now (if not more so) to bring in customers and sell your wares. 

With the increase of competition in today’s marketplace across all industries, having the right signage to draw in customers is vital. Road and street direction signs tell customers where to go before they even reach your door, while building business signage makes sure they’ve got the right place. Sign makers create signs for indoor and outdoor display with artwork to advertise literally everything. 

The Digital Age & Sign Makers 

Modern sign makers have embraced the advances in technology and the benefits that digital printing and state of the art printing equipment has brought. 

Adding to the digital upgrades that sign making has seen, are the new materials we utilise which have fostered a revolution in sign manufacturing techniques in recent years. Alongside more traditional materials of wood, metal and plastic, sign makers are also able to offer neon, vinyl, Perspex, glass, aluminium, stainless steel and PVC signage.

When you combine the high-quality digital printing processes with cutting-edge printing equipment, you can literally print anything you require onto almost any substrate. 

Designing, manufacturing and installing a vast range of professional signs is made easier with the digital advances, but creativity and graphic design is still at the heart of sign making. 

Why do Sign Makers Make Signs?

Signage can be defined as any kind of graphic display to convey information to an audience. 

In addition to advertising and marketing with outdoor signage, window graphics and displays can create a great first impression of your business and entice customers in. There’s also the brand recognition, who doesn’t recognise the golden ‘M’ of McDonalds, whatever age you are! 

We also rely on directional or wayfinding signs in most places we visit, from hotels and airports to shopping malls and hospitals. Even which way to enter or exit a building requires a sign these days. Not forgetting health and safety signs at workplaces, nurseries, schools and offices. 

Sign makers do all of the above and more, and at Ashley Ads, we’ve been making signs for over 40 years. While we may hail from the days of traditional sign makers, we’ve welcomed and embraced the changes in sign making over the years. 

Today, we design and make all manner of signs for all types of industries, businesses and organisations. So, whatever your printing requirements contact us today or call 01603 701700 for a competitive quote. As sign makers, we also deliver anywhere in the UK with a fast turnaround.

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