The Benefits of Internal Signage for Retailers

While external signage is needed to create the first impression outside and attract visiting and passing traffic, internal signage for retailers can be even more important to convert those customers! 

In fact, internal signs can even ensure consumers will leave with a much higher level of satisfaction and create a lasting first impression of a retail store.

Grab customers’ attention

Getting and holding your customer’s attention is the first stage of converting browsing customers into buying customers. Internal signage can transform your selling environment and convey your brand identity and advertising messages.

Communicating with customers through internal signage has many benefits for retailers from information and directional signs to promoting products and demonstrating value.

Types of internal signage

Point of Sale – These includes dump bins and baskets, shelf edge strips, posters and display stands. Choosing the right solution for your point of sale requirements, really can make the difference to your bottom line and drive retail sales. Drawing customers’ attention to a particular product or promotion can influence their behaviour. Persuasive and eye catching point of sale signs can help an unloved product or raise the perceived value of an item.

Directional & Wayfinding Signs – Assisting customers to navigate their way round the store is not only helpful but allows you lead them to certain areas or product promotions in-store too. They will appreciate the convenience of making it is easy for them to find what they’re looking for and look forward to returning.

Information Signs – This internal signage covers opening hours, health and safety warnings and information.

Good internal signage also has the added benefit for retailers in that staff members don’t get bombarded with questions from customers who are unfamiliar with your shop.

Creating internal signs

The right internal signs can promote your products and increase sales and create a long-term and positive impression in the mind of customers.

Your internal signs should give shoppers everything they need to know about your business, while keeping it simple. Writing in punchy headlines, taking out any unnecessary language is key.

It’s important to get internal signs right first time to seal the deal and give the right impression from the start. Professional sign writers can advise and ensure the correct dimensions, types of signs, colours, and typography is utilised to achieve the best possible instore signage.

If you want to stand out from your competitors, increase new customers and re-engage with existing clients, as Norwich sign makers with 40 years’ experience in sign writing, we can advise on all type of internal signage.

We offer excellent value for maximum return on investment, and the majority of signage available has no minimum order quantity and no small quantity surcharge. We’re happy to talk through the type of internal signage that would best fit your requirements and communicate with your customers.

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