How to Choose a Printing Company?

If you’ve recently searched online for a ‘printer near me’ you’ll have undoubtedly seen numerous printing companies and printers in the search results. So, when you have a choice of printers to choose from how do you pick a reputable and reliable printer for your signage, print and display marketing products.

Here’s a checklist of questions you should be asking when choosing a printer for your business printing needs.


Let’s start with the obvious, while there are many reasons to choose a printer and we’ll come on to them, affordability is usually the first question most people consider. While a business can spend big money on high quality printing solutions, many printing companies have more cost-effective solutions that can offer similar quality for a more affordable price. Finding a competitive and budget fitting price with high quality services gives a balance somewhere in the middle.  


You should expect a professional printing company to have extensive knowledge of the printing industry, and that includes the past, present and future. How long has the printer been in business?

Like many industries, the world of design and print is continually evolving and the need to be highly creative, using the latest technology available is key to achieving the results you want. That ‘printer near me’ search result is just the start, when it comes to choosing a printer, a reputable printing company should be with you every step of the way from design to printing to installation. 

Customer Service

Once you’ve established a printer’s experience, customer service should be next on your checklist to tick off. Communication is key and when choosing a printing company for your business, there should be clear communication methods in place. As a client you should be able to make contact easily, whether by phone, email, or other online routes via a dedicated manager for your project. 

Quality of Work

It’s a good idea to ask and see samples of recent work from a printer, this lets you check the finish is to the standard you require. Viewing a range of products in your budget will ensure you are confident of the service and finish quality. Look at the printer’s website and review their client list too, a reputable printing firm will be happy to provide customers’ references. You can also use social media to view their work and client experiences, along with customer reviews on Google to research the quality of printing services offered, as well as reliability. 

Design & Printing Services

Choosing a printing company that can provide a range of printing services and products under one roof is a big advantage. In addition, a printer who can manage your project in its entirety, from design, print, collation, finishing, binding, storage and fulfilment will be far more cost-effective and efficient.

At Ashley Ads, our aim is to provide an honest, reliable, efficient service offering value-for-money and quality products. Get in touch here or call 01603 701700 and ask us any question on your checklist, we love to ‘talk print’.

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