How much does it cost to print brochures?

From a prestigious brochure to a simple price list, you can create stylish, informative, and professionally designed brochures, tailored to focus entirely on your business, service, or product. When it comes to how much does it cost to print brochures, the answer depends on a number of factors including the size, design, paper type, binding and quantity.

While you can print striking and attractive affordable brochures as promotional material, it is also possible to create lavish and extravagant brochures. We’ll walk you through some of the factors you need to consider and the choices that are available when creating brochures and booklets for your business.

Brochure Size & Design

What you choose will depend on the nature of your brochure, the look you want to achieve and your budget. A brochure should be a highly attractive marketing tool, which means design and layout should be easy to read and navigate, and professionally presented to represent your business.

There is a whole range of brochure sizes to choose from and while A4 is a standard size, many companies like to be creative and try smaller sizes such as A5 or A6 for a pocket-sized approach. You can also go for a bespoke size brochure such as square for a unique look or a landscape format for a more contemporary feel as opposed to a portrait layout.

You may also need to consider other costs such as high-quality photos, either taken professionally or factor in the cost of using stock images etc.

Paper & Finish Choices for Brochures

The selection of paper and type of finish can make a big difference to the cost of printing brochures. There is a huge range of paper types, thicknesses and finishes to choose from, depending on the look you want to achieve.

There are two main elements of paper type, being weight and material. Weight refers to the thickness and flexibility of the paper and the material can be glossy or matte. A glossy, thin paper is great for product brochures with lots of pages, whereas an uncoated, thick paper is perfect for a more prestigious feel.

Brochure Binding Choices

There’s a varied choice of different brochure and booklet bindings from the popular stapled spine, the more prestigious perfect bound, a practical wire bound and of course the simple folded brochure.

Brochure Quantity

The number of brochures you need will obviously affect the cost of printing brochures. Talk to us about how many brochures you require and we can tailor your brochure to your available budget.

We may be in a digital age, but an eye-catching printed brochure is still something you can leave with your existing customers, win new customers and hand out at exhibitions and events to leave a lasting impression of your company.

Quality brochures can help promote your business, so get in touch for a quote on how much it will cost to print your next brochure by contacting us here or call 01603 701700 for a chat about your requirements.


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