How many types of sign boards are there?

When it comes to sign boards, there’s a multitude of options that can be designed and produced to suit your individual business needs. The key is to choose the right one for your store or business and to do that you need to understand the different types of sign boards available.

Used for outdoor promotion, the benefits of sign boards are numerous, being portable, cost-effective and easy-to-use are just a few advantages. They are the ideal way to compliment your storefront, promote your services and grab customers attention.

Sign boards include pavement signs, A-boards, forecourt signs and café rope barrier systems which can all be manufactured and personalised to send the right message. This type of external signage also makes sure your organisation stands out from passing traffic and those looking for your business.

Whether you run a restaurant, shop, pub, supermarket, petrol station, café or indeed any business, here’s some specific types of signage and sign boards to help you decide what would work best for your business.

Pavement Signs



Pavement Signs are a low cost investment designed to drive footfall; the result is a measurable uplift in sales. Therefore, it’s not surprising that retailers and specifically those in hospitality and service sectors use Pavement Signs and A-Boards to guide and influence customers choices. The benefits of Pavement Signs include: -


a board

Whatever your budget, location or branding style, there’s an A-Board to promote your business. Double sided to maximise your message, they are perfect for all weathers for example anti-glare poster cover sheets are UV stable and filter sunlight to protect posters from fading. They also fold flat for easy storage and portability.

Chalk Boards


Not all Chalk A-Boards are equal, we only use sustainable and certified timber sourced from approved sawmills and distributors. As a pavement sign board, Chalk A-Boards can be easily updated throughout the day or as required using traditional chalk or liquid chalk pens. They work well for cafes, bakeries, pubs and retail businesses, being easy to move they advertise your offer outside your premises to entice people in.

Forecourt Signs




Whether you’re a retailer or petrol station, being able to display bold attention grabbing marketing messages outside a store or premises is key to driving footfall. That’s why Forecourt Signs are popular in a wide variety of markets, including out of town retail, automotive, supermarkets, motorway services, leisure and health and fitness. The benefits of Forecourt Signs include: -

Café Rope Barrier Systems



Stylish, strong and effective are three key points when it comes to Café Rope Barriers. The aim is to create the perfect space for your customers and advertise your restaurant, café or hospitality business. The benefits of Café Rope Barrier Systems include: -

If you’re looking for market leading designs for promotional sign boards and signage, at Ashley Ads, we offer excellent value for maximum return on investment. The majority of signage available has no minimum order quantity and no small quantity surcharge.

We’re happy to talk through the type of sign board that would best fit your requirements or you can view our full Sign and Display collection here.


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