How Floor Graphics Can Help Shoppers

Vinyl floor graphics are a creative way to advertise and if you didn’t know what they are before Covid-19 hit, you should now.

Floor graphics played a critical part in helping us keep customers safely distanced 2m apart in retail stores and indeed every public setting during the pandemic, but vinyl floor graphics offer shoppers much more help than just social distancing.

Why use floor graphics?

So, we know printed floor graphics work, but they do have other practical uses such as attention grabbing floor decals to promote awareness and boost sales in retail stores. Why waste that valuable advertising space beneath our feet? Utilising this option for marketing campaigns, directional advice or leading shoppers around a shop is all helpful.

How can floor graphics help shoppers?

While shelf-edge strips and point of sale advertising is effective if you’re searching for a product, floor graphics offer shoppers a different perspective. Retail floor graphics also have the opportunity to be creative and inventive.

No matter what size your retail space is, vinyl floor graphics can be used for a variety of purposes starting with encouraging customers into your shop. Floor decals can be placed almost anywhere to grab attention, even on an escalator for example, great for promoting products.

A practical solution for shoppers is directional floor graphics, showing customers where other departments or the cashier tills. This allows shoppers to find their way around the shop with less confusion and improving their shopping experience.

Where can vinyl floor graphics be applied?

Printed floor graphics are very flexible in their application too and can be used both indoors and outdoors. In fact, floor vinyl stickers are suitable for use on floor tiles, wood laminate flooring and short pile carpet indoors, as well as concrete, asphalt, tarmac and concrete outside.

Top reasons and tips for using retail floor graphics

The future is looking positive for floor decals and stickers, and there’s certainly more advantages for shoppers than social distancing signage and one-way signs.

If now is the right time for you to optimise customers’ new-found familiarisation with floor graphics, get in touch and discover how we can help your shoppers and retail business.

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