Our Guide to Vehicle Wrapping & Graphics

Long gone are the days of hand painted sign writing or cut out letters to stick on your van to advertise your business or services offered. Today van and car wrapping has become the ultimate way to sign write and transform any vehicle no matter what its shape or size.

Cars, vans, HGVs, coaches, fleets, commercial vehicles, motorbikes and even specialist vehicles such as fast food trailers and horse boxes can all be vinyl wrapped or have eye catching vinyl graphics applied. The only limitation is your imagination. 

How much does it cost to wrap a vehicle?

 When it comes to how much it costs to wrap a car, van or any vehicle, we always recommend talking to our team first. We can tailor our vehicle wrapping and graphics for different budgets and factor in all aspects involved. 

Here’s a general guide to van graphics and vehicle wrapping costs: -

Other considerations that will affect the cost to wrap a car, van or vehicle is the model of vehicle and the complexity of the compound curves to be wrapped. We also take into account door handles, rivets, corrugations, screws and any spoilers or trim that needs removing and re-installing. 

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How long does a vehicle wrap last?

 One of the most frequently asked questions about vehicle wrapping is ‘How long does a vehicle or van wrap last?’.

 Generally, a professional quality vehicle wrap can last up to 7 years and possibly longer, but there are things that will affect the time lifetime of your car or van wrap. It’s important to ensure your van wrap is completed by a reputable company using high quality materials to begin with.

How you care for your wrapped vehicle will also affect the life of your car wrap. A weekly hand wash is recommended and avoid taking a wrapped vehicle in a mechanical brushed car wash or using powerful industrial steam cleaners as these can be too rough on the film, degrading it and cause peeling and lifted edges.

It’s also not so lucky if a bird messes on your van wrap, as the acids can eat into the wrap and damage it. Removing it as soon as possible will prolong the lifetime of your vehicle wrap. We also recommend not using solvents or oil based cleaning products! 

Are vehicle wraps worth it?

 Vehicle wraps offer unlimited advertising potential at an affordable cost and is a powerful branding and marketing tool to promote your business.

 Wrapping vehicles also protect your car or van’s paintwork from stone chips and general road usage wear and tear. This in turn protects the value of your vehicle, once the wrap is removed. 

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Are vehicle wraps removable?

 Vehicle wraps are totally removable and if your paintwork was in good condition before the wrap, it will be in the same condition when the wrap is removed. A vehicle wrap is effectively applying a second-skin to your car or van.   

When applying partial van graphics rather than wrapping a complete vehicle, the exposed paintwork can be affected by UV rays. So, whilst partial vehicle graphics can be a cost effective option if you’re on a budget, when you remove them, you may notice a shadow effect where the covered areas have not faded with the rest of the paintwork.

How to remove vehicle wraps?

 To remove a vehicle wrap, you simply peel off the wrap to return the car or van back to its original state. You can also remove just a section or area if it becomes damaged, instead of replacing the whole vehicle wrap. 

Does vehicle wrap advertising work?

 Businesses have been signwriting company vehicles since they were invented! Vehicle graphics and vehicle wrapping transforms your company vehicle or fleet into a mobile advert to showcase your business. It’s a great way to let potential customers know about your business.  

 Vehicle wrapping can take your brand to a new level with a bespoke design. There’s no doubt that a vehicle wrap has huge benefits for your business, whether it’s a car, van, lorry or trailer, you are spreading the word about your business for a one off cost. 

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